Owner’s Bio

Enrique Arnero has been working in the fitness profession for 20 years. He started off training college students and older adults while attending Greenville College in Illinois. He realized this was his passion after working in several different jobs varying from therapy with abused children to an executive at a local retailer. It was in 2007 when he started his own business, Think-Fit. Mr. Arnero started his business in the park training individuals 1:1 and in a group setting. He opened his own private fitness studio in 2010 in Whittier, Ca. Mr. Arnero has provided physical fitness training, coaching, mentoring, and counseling to many clients varying in age from 9-75. He is passionate about educating children and adults on eating right, working out and making healthy choices in their lives. He has started speaking engagements with middle-school children to promote this message. Mr. Arnero is passionate in changing people’s lives and motivating them to live a healthier life.